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Your office. Your employees. Three weeks of mindfulness. 

The idea for the 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge© is based on personal experience in a corporation and thus its three step approach was designed with profound attention to detail. It pays tribute to the challenging business environment, most employees operate in and intends to help integrating mindfulness into daily routine in a playful way. Participants are invited on a 21-day long personal journey, whose goal is: less stress, better communication, inner strength and an improved work-life balance.

The 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge© has been selected as finalist of the HR-Excellence Awards 2015.


Weekly in the office:

- one hour workshop with Q&A

Topics include: Empathy, Gratitude, Non-Judgement, Mindfulness in Daily Business Life and some more (to be adjusted according to the group's needs).



Daily in the office:

- morning group meetings (2x 15 min)

a) discussing experiences with mindfulness during the previous day

b) mindful breathing meditation


Keep on Track

Daily at home:

- morning e-mail reminders

E-mails describing one aspect of mindfulness, encouraging the participants to implement it during the upcoming day 

- evening gratitude journal

participants write down the experiences during the day they are grateful for