MONOQI, a start-up company from Berlin, which employs 120 people from 23 nations and sells unique design pieces of furniture, decided to bring in the 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge (21DayDeStress@MONOQI) to see what it can do for its stressed employees. The course went on for three weeks and became a huge success for both sides. To be continued!

                  MONOQI´s company newsletter: Announcing the 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge

                  MONOQI´s company newsletter: Announcing the 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Morning Meet-Ups

Daily meetings to discuss the previous day. What were the moments of mindfulness? How did the participants react to stressful situations? How did they "see" not negative thought patterns and how did they change them?

Weekly Workshops

Once a week the participants met up for a workshop on mindfulness, which explained the idea and its "Working" in real life and business. Topics discussed included: Conditioned Mind, Autopilot, Seeing your Thoughts, Judgement, empathy, Positive Thinking, Neuroscience and Happiness.

Daily Meditation

After the morning meet-ups the participants were meditating together for 15 minutes. The mindfulness coach started and ended the sessions, guiding the participants through.


Daily MindNotes

Every morning the participants received a MindNote with a specific quote, idea or concept for the day - to continuously give them a new perspective to "chew" on and to remind them of being mindful throughout the day. Topics included concepts of "make your moments count", "keep on dancing to your own rhythm", "nothing will work, unless you do", it´s not the situation, it´s what your mind tells you about it".

Gratitude Journal

Participants were given out a Gratitude Journal and were asked to write every night five things that they were grateful for during the day. This practice boosted their appreciation for small things and events, while also sharpening their mind to look out for the good things instead of the bad ones - you can go for a positive experience and a negative one at the same time. Choose the positive and write about it. 

One-on-Ones with the Mindfulness Coach

Participants have been given the opportunity to meet up with the coach to talk about their impressions, difficulties or question in person. This option has helped some to dig deeper than what the course could cover and to find a very personal approach to the concept of mindfulness.

"I very much appreciated to learn about the "conditioned mind" and that you actually have a choice - almost every minute - which path to follow! Now it makes perfect sense that mindfulness is an attitude towards life and not just a phase..."

-Stephanie, MONOQI